Solex Carburetor construction, working and advantages

Solex Carburetor construction, working and advantages
Diagram of Solex Carburetor
Solex Carburetor diagram, working, and advantages

Solex Carburetor construction, working, pdf and ppt | Advantages of Solex Carburetor

Solex carburetor is one of the modern carburetors and it is known for good performance, starting, and reliability. Solex carburetor is used by many top European automobile manufacturers like Mercedes, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce. It is also used by the Indian automobile manufacturer. Today we are going to see the working of Solex carburetor.

Working of Solex carburetor

1.Normal Running Circuit
2. Cold Starting and Warming
3. Idling and Slow Speed Operation
4. During Acceleration

1. Normal Running Circuit:

During the normal running of a carburetor, fuel is provided by the main jet tube and the air is provided by the choke or venturi tube. Main jet fuel enters into the air bleed emulsion tube present in the carburetor. There is an air correction jet which is used for the correct balance of air and fuel. An orifice is drilled in the horizontal position in the vertical pipe in the middle of the venturi tube present in the carburetor.

2. Cold Starting and Warming:

The presence of in-line progressive starter is the main and unique feature of Solex carburetor. The starter valve which is in the form of a flat disc plate has holes with different sizes. These holes in the flat disc connect the starter petrol jet and starter air jet which opens below the throttle valve. The position of the starter level decides when either small or large holes of the flat disc come opposite side of the passage.
For starting, a rich mixture of air-fuel is required. So in the start position of the engine, bigger holes on the flat disc are connecting holes. After the engine has started, the starter lever comes to the middle position and now small holes on the flat disc are the connecting holes. Due to these small holes, the amount of petrol required reduces.

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3. Idling and Slow Speed Operation:

In idling and slow speed operation, the pilot jet is taken from the main jet. When the engine is at the idle position, the throttle is closed completely and therefore suction applied to the pilot jet. Idling screw is used for variation in the delivery of the petrol through jets. It allows the mixture to become rich.

4. Acceleration:

The diaphragm pump system is provided in the Solex carburetor which is used to provide an extra quantity of fuel during acceleration. When you press the accelerator lever for more acceleration, the pump lever which is connected to the accelerator lever also got pressed. Due to this fuel is compressed and it allows to flow through the pump jet and acceleration pump injector to the air-fuel mixing chamber.
For better understanding, you can watch the following video on working of solex carburetor:

Above we see the working of Solex carburetor. There are some advantages of Solex carburetor as follows:

Advantages of Solex Carburetor:

1. The main advantage of the Solex carburetor is easy starting.
2. It is reliable and gives high performance.
3. All circuits above-mentioned circuits work separately.
4. It reduces waste and carbon formation.

5. Throttle response is very high as compared to other carburetors.

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PDF of Solex Carburetor:

Download pdf of Solex carburetor from google drive.

PPT of Solex Carburetor:

Download ppt of Solex carburetor from google drive.