Top 5 Books for Engineering Exam Preparation You Can Order Online 2022

Books for Engineering Exam Preparation

Context, you have finished your high school, maybe from an online school. Or you are changing fields and you want to get into engineering. You are looking to take on some engineering exams. Well, you are going to need some preparation books to face tough competition. Here are some top books for engineering exam preparation you can order from any online store in 2021.

Books for Engineering Exam Preparation in 2021

In this article, I have given a list of the top 5 books you will need to prepare for the upcoming engineering examination in 2021. You can buy these books from any online store or simply from the local market.

FE Electrical and Computer Practice Exam

Preferred official preparation resources instead of third-party ones and that worked for me. This book, found at Mike Holt Books, is a simple practice exam for the Electrical and Computer Engineering discipline in the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. It is smaller than the thick 900 pages bricks third-party sources put out. Hence, it is less daunting and easier to approach.

Statistically, smaller preparation books teach you more overall because students put out an effort to complete the smaller book while barely attempting to take on 900 pages mammoth; the stats agree with my personal experience.

It has 100 complete questions with solutions to cross-check your practice and some additional alternative types such as MCQs.

Barron’s FE: Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

This preparation book found here is designed to prepare you for the Fundamentals Engineering Exam. Primarily the book targets students looking towards Mechanical Engineering as the discipline, but it does cover the other fields as well.

The book also brushes on many valuable chapters which overlap with other exams and fields. Hence it offers a quick overview of a broad set of topics from applied chemistry to instrumentation and control and many more.

It makes this book one of the best books for engineering exam preparation.

Civil PE Practice Exam and Guide

Authored by Civil PE Testing Services, you can find this preparation book here. This book covers the Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam that comes after passing the engineering exam fundamentals. The exam is an open book, so you know it will be challenging and will require many practice sessions instead of memorization.

This book covers the civil engineering section of the exam and helps you solve mock exams with detailed solutions and explanations. You must look after this book.

Michael R. Lindeburg PE’s FE Review Manual, 3rd Edition

Titled and marketed ‘Rapid Preparation‘, this book has the following things going for it. This is a behemoth of 872 pages. It comprehensively covers all the topics you need to pass the exam. Since this does not focus on one discipline, you can use it to cover any of your shortcomings or build upon any of your strengths.

The book is designed not to give you information, and instead, it is intended to pass the exam. Hence, the book provides a customizable study schedule to ensure you spend the preparation book’s required time. Each of the 13 chapters has its diagnostic exam that you can repeatedly take to ensure you have covered all the bases.

The book also uses the same referencing tools as the ones available on exam day to make it easier for students to discuss—a good jack-of-all-trades kind of book.

Electrical Engineering Exam Prep by Gupta and Clay comb

This is neither a 900-page behemoth, and it is not a small book by any standards either. After around 600 pages, this book offers 2,500 questions designed to do either of two things. Either to revise all your general concepts or to prepare you for any of the Electrical Engineering exams. And, the best part, this is available on Kindle and other e-book platforms. So, you don’t have to lug around a 3 kg brick everywhere.

E-books allow you to open the same book on different tabs, with one account showing the question you are practicing, the other invoice showing the reference tables, another tab displaying the answer, another tab showing the formula sheet. That means you do not have to constantly scroll or shift through hundreds of pages multiple times per question.

Books for Engineering Exam Preparation

Final Words

Now you have the list of books for engineering exam preparation to buy, know that preparation books are only a tool. Buying them is not enough by any means. First, you need a commitment to take advantage of a book completely. If you know you are not studying 9 hours a day, and the exam is a few weeks apart, don’t buy the 900-page comprehensive guide, go for a small-100-page practice exam with a step-by-step solution. Always buy the book you can read, never the one people recommend.

Finally! best of luck with the engineering entrance examination. 🙂