Modern One Bedroom Cabin Model

Small cabins can be a true dream, not only because of their particular and idyllic exterior appearance but also because of their interior, which, being compact, becomes very warm and cozy.

If you are looking for a very good one-bedroom cabin design, I am sure you will find this model of a cabin with a hipped roof interesting. Will you accompany me to discover the details of its exterior and also its interior?

Facades for One-bedroom Cabins

The way in which the facade of this beautiful cabin has been designed and built is a great success. In it, we see a very interesting combination of materials, textures, and levels, which make it very interesting.

The main entrance draws our attention the first time we visually go through the façade. There, we see a porch with square wooden columns and wooden cladding over the entire front sector of the house. As you may have noticed, wood is a very present material in this design since it is not only used as a structural and decorative element but also as the main material for the main openings. Wooden décor is also used in homes.

The presence of a large number of windows will make this cabin a very bright corner.

Before moving on to the rear front, we will dedicate a few moments to the left side since there is a wooden pergola erected on a gallery covered in natural stone. The same stone will be used to cover the chimney of the cabin.

Now appreciating the back of the house, we see another charming wooden pergola preceding the access to the backyard. Here, the same natural stone will also be used to give the sector a very pleasant rustic appearance. 

The roof, for its part, will have numerous discharges, which will allow the walls of the house to be preserved very well despite the frequent rains. 

One Bedroom Cabin Plan 

The total built area of ​​this beautiful cabin amounts to 50 square meters, which we will now see how they are distributed. 

Despite its small size, this property prioritizes all the comforts that we may need to live very comfortably in it. We can verify this from the moment we enter it since, after the main entrance, we find a large hall with wardrobes included. 

If we continue the entrance in a straight line, we find a hall that connects all the main rooms. From it and to the right, we find the full bathroom, with enough space to place an automatic washing machine inside. 

From the hall and to the left, we find the kitchen, which will only be a kitchen since the dining room is separated. The dining room and the living room share an open-style space. Also, from this sector, we can access the pergola-lateral gallery. 

The last room in the house is the bedroom, which has a total size of almost 13 square meters. In this beautiful bedroom, we see a large window to provide ventilation and natural lighting and a built-in closet on the wall. 

This ends the detailed tour of this beautiful model of a one-bedroom house, which could not only function as a vacation home or for a tourist complex but also as a house for a married couple or single person. We hope you enjoyed the design a lot! If you want ideas on the latest architecture, Check Out Official Site of New City Paradise.