Why Toppers Always Prefer NCERT Notes 2022 For UPSC?

ncert notes upsc

What makes most students get confused is that the UPSC syllabus is quite wide whether it is for prelims or mains. Therefore, NCERT Medieval India History Notes are quite important to study and then revise. Crisp notes are indeed important for revision.

Most students think that they need to go through entire NCERT books which are not ideal. It is nothing but a waste of your precious time indeed. You need to stick to your syllabus instead of going through entire books. What is the important thing? You need to prepare relevant NCERT Geography Notes for UPSC so that you can revise them later on.

Let’s understand why toppers always prefer to go with NCERT notes to do UPSC preparation –

  • NCERT books do always come up with authentic information indeed. Generally, Indian Geography can easily be categorized into three categories: physical, economic, and social geography. Talking about the prominent sub-topic coming under the physical Indian geography are called physio-graphic divisions, vegetation, natural resources, drainage, climate, and so on.
  • NCERT books also emphasize environment-oriented topics as well. Even NCERT books’ notes are called quite handy in the context of preparing social geography and economic oriented notes. Authentic information is quite important to consider. Currently, many online platforms keep introducing a variety of information, and sometimes they are not trustworthy.
  • In this context, NCERT books keep you away from unwanted stress. Reading and preparing notes from NCERT books means you are going with authentic information.
  • UPSC toppers also say that NCERT books are indeed a must to do exam preparation in a sophisticated manner. It helps to make a good grasp of the subject even if you are preparing for the UPSC exam.
  • Here, it needs to be mentioned that NCERT books are indeed enough to clear the exam. To clear an IAS exam, you need to hold an ideal rank. Authentic information is given there showing authentic diagrams, data, and so on. Everything will be at your fingertips.
  • NCERT books are also favorite among the toppers since it comes up with detailed information on each topic. Preparing for that means you would not have to rely on any other study material. A lot of information can be churned out from there easily. You just need to go ahead to find all the needed information.
  • When you get a lot of information from a single source then it helps to reduce the stress. You know that you just need to go with the same source to churn out needed information. Going through different books could truly be quite exhausting.
  • The next thing is that NCERT books are easy to read and understand. Simple language has been used in the books so that candidates could understand each topic quite easily and simply.
  • Most students do not understand the concept while reading other books since tricky language has been used in that. Complicated language is quite tough to bear. But there is nothing like that when you go with NCERT books. Everything is mentioned in that way with simple and easy-to-understand books.

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Toppers have always been quite careful in the context of preparing notes. They choose the study material quite carefully indeed. First, they understand the entire syllabus by being careful. They prepare notes while reading the NCERT books. They do highlight all-important points first. Going with previous year’s questions papers is also quite helpful indeed. 


Hope you got a clear idea of why experts also recommend NCERT books to prepare for Geography and India History Notes. Toppers who did their preparation studying from NCERT books received higher marks in the exam.